One of the finest horse farms in in Iceland is for sale

The land Mið-Fossar in Borgarbyggð – An equestrian center with a large riding hall, competition area, race track, stables for 79 horses, equipment storage facilities and more.

The land is called Mið-Fossar, it is situated in Borgarbyggð and it is 599.0 hectares with 52.9 hectares of cultivated land. Situated on the land is a 2030.0 square meter riding hall with all required equipment, such as stands for audiences, sound system, restrooms, heat blowers, two entrances for cars etc. High-quality stables, covering a total of 750 square meters with stalls made of stainless steel for 79 horses, a good break room, teaching/conference facilities, kitchen, restrooms etc. The equipment storage area is about 300 square meters in size and has good windows and entrance for cars. Under the stables, there is a manure storage area, which can be accessed by car for unloading. The floors of the stables and equipment storage area are heated. The land is well situated with regard to all forms of services, as it is in close proximity to Hvanneyri and Borgarnes, and it is only 1 hour’s drive to Reykjavík. The land includes an exploitable gravel pit with all required permits.

The land also includes a two-story family house that is 330.4 square meters in size, including a 61.8 square meter garage. The family house has a small additional apartment on the ground floor.

On the land there is an impressive race track and equestrian competition area with a house for judges, riding paths, a large amount of cultivated land, pastures and a gravel pit. The land has been a popular destination for game shooting.

The land is mostly enclosed and a substantial amount of machinery and equipment comes with the land, such as a fairly new tractor and other agricultural machinery, furniture, surveillance camera system and other equipment.

There are riding paths behind the riding hall that go past the field by the creek and all the way to and around the mountain and to Hestfjall, which is situated at the end of the property on the west side. There are also riding paths along Hestfjall and varied riding paths on the property. The hot water pipes were replaced according to an agreement with Reykjavík energy. This agreement included a renewal of many fences and the laying of riding paths. There is also a road/riding path on the north side of the land.

The land has been leased to the Agricultural University of Iceland in Hvanneyri, but this lease agreement is about to expire.

This is a great opportunity to acquire a unique treasure for equestrianism at a very beautiful location in Iceland, not far from the capital.